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Recreational and Technical Open Circuit Scuba Courses

From N$ 1500

If you enjoy having unique and exciting experiences, our entry level Open Water Scuba Course is the perfect starting point. Already certified? - take it to the next level with one of our advanced courses. We offer all levels of open circuit scuba training up to Normoxic Trimix level.

Recreational and Technical CCR Courses

From N$ 7500

We offer Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) training up to Normoxic Trimix level using Poseidon Mk VI rebreathers.


From N$ 1800

No tanks, no hoses, no complicated equipment - reach new depths on one breath of air. Sign up for a freediving course today!

Children welcome!

From N$ 2800

Start experiencing the underwater world at an early age. Our Scuba Rangers program offers numerous diving activities for children aged 8 - 12.

Technical services

We can supply scuba cylinders filled with whichever gas blend you require.

On-site air and oxygen filling

and blending of


and Trimix

Contact us for prices

Logistical support

Our best technical dive sites require rope access for divers as well as their equipment.

We rig the sites for vertical caving and we use mechanical or petrol driven hoist lines for equipment.

Divers need to be proficient in single rope techniques for vertical caving.

Contact us for prices

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